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Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Magical Vacation!

Even though it has been months since I last posted, we are still here and life is still plugging along. We are back in Florida and have been since August and are loving our new place. It has been fun to hang out with our friends again down here and make some new ones too!
Since we have been back, we have done lots of things and have lots of pics I could put on but honestly I don't have the patience to do it 5 at a time and I don't think ya'll want to see a blog the size of a novel...even though it would be mostly a picture book! We have had fun exploring new places here in Tally and have really enjoyed our time being back. We do have something new that will change our lives, we are expecting baby #2 on May 12th! We couldn't be more excited and Cali is very excited too....even though the baby is in her belly (or so she thinks) and I am having a baby dinosaur!
Other than that, not too much is new here with us. We did take a fun trip to Disney World last month so here are some highlights....and the pictures I had time to put on!

Cali couldn't wait to meet the princesses, especially Cinderella! She loves her right now!

Our little viking! She loved the boat ride that we went on here!
In Chinatown at Epcot, and these hats were so much fun..Cali and Jed are pulling them off so well!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Long time.......

Wow, I can't believe May has already come and almost gone! It has been a whirl-wind of a month! We moved from Tallahasse at the end of April and moved up to Fairfax Virginia for the summer for Jed's internship. We are lucky enough to be able to stay in Jed's sister's house and sort of house sit while they are in Singapore/Warsaw for her husband's work....it is so nice to have a backyard again! We have really enjoyed our time here so far and have really fallen in love with the city of Fairfax! For the first few weeks before Jed started his intership we were able to be tourists and just relax and hangout together, which was a nice change from his crazy hours of school and work. Let me apologize in advance....there are a ton of pics in the post....we couldn't find the cord that plugs into the camera and computer to input our pics for like 3 weeks! So this is kind of a catch up on what we have been doing....luckily i didn't put all the pics up. I just tried to find some of our favs and put those beauties up! Hope ya'll enjoy 'em! (Tallahassee is still alive...gotta love the south!)

In the scuplture park on the National Mall...It was pretty warm and it felt so good on the tootsies to put them in the cool water after all the walking!

A couple of our friends from Utah came to visit us and we had a blast! The guys were so excited to play risk together....they love this game way too much! This picture says it all....this is how they were all night...seriously until 430 am....3 games of the longest game ever made! :) PS this wasn't staged!

The wives on their last day here. We were so sad to see them leave...we loved having them here! Thanks again guys for coming! Love you gals!

In front of our future home....JK! We hadn't been up to the white house gate yet since we had been here so it was fun to go with friends!

We went to Arlington Cemetary with our friends too....it was a very neat experience. There is a very reverant feeling around it. It was a reality check seeing so many graves...and they just kept going. It made us feel so grateful for their sacrafices for this amazing country!

The JFK memorial....again very humbling to see their actual graves

Our friends also wanted to see the DC temple, we didn't have time to go in but it was still neat to walk around it. PS don't mind our daughter and her binoculars....lately she loves to carry them around everywhere and look at things through them! Crazy girl!

The temple had these beautiful flowers around it....which are now my new favorite...I couldn't help but get a picture with Cali in them!

The Jefferson memorial. I never really gave enough credit to this man for everything he did. He was such a well spoken man and had some very good things to say that we still need to listen to. I think he is my fav founding father now.

The merry-go-round at the National Mall. It doesn't look like it in the pic but Cali loved it! I got a little dizzy though! :)

Down by the Potomac when our friends were here...the river had flooded from all the rain we had had the last few days and people just keep going about their business in DC...I was taking a picture of this and of course my husband has to strike this pose! :) Just a side note..anytime we went anywhere with our friends this football was a must...thats how they walked around DC and the Mall, they really enjoy hanging out together....luckily their wives love hanging out too so it's not weird! :)

Us in front of the Capital at the National Mall

I love this picture of Cali, and so does her dad. Had to put it in!

Jed and I were also able to go to Gettsburg a couple of weeks ago. It really was such a neat place to go....very humbling again and amazing to think that so many people died where we were walking. The new visitors center was very cool.

Us in front of the monument that FDR dedicated just in front of seminary ridge in Gettsburg. They said that at the dedication of this there were people present that acutally faught there, both from the north and the south...that kinda put the time in to a different perspective for me....not that long ago

Jed and Cali by a statue that is on the south's side, when they had to march through that field for a mile while the north's artillary was shooting at them. I really had to give it to those men, they had so much courage to walk that distance and know that most of them wouldn't make it but they loved their land and the leaders and gave their lives for it....even though we didn't agree with it doesn't make their lives worth any less....sorry I just felt so strongly about that while we were there.

A view of the same field....if you look hard you can see the monuments in the distant background on the north side of the ridge. What a walk. Beautiful country though.

Cali in what she called a castle...and it kinda looked like it....but this is on little round top where the 20th Maine held their ground and did the famous swinging door manuver with no amo left....that is one of my fav scences in the Gettsburg movie.